Every time my wife and I go to a counselling session, we get to fill out a “mood survey” which includes a section on suicide ideation. I always score zero on this section – to balance out the higher scores on anxiety and anger and so on…

I recently heard about a man in Australia who took his life at the age of 44. A professional, married with two young children. He was also a closeted gay man. Of course, no one knows how much his struggles with his sexuality contributed to his decision to end his life… but it makes me wonder:

Should the Christian church, still promoting the sinfulness of homosexuality, be held responsible for the higher suicide rates among LGBT persons?

Is this intolerance really a hate crime?

I said to a colleague recently that I really don’t have anything against the ex-gay movement and those who believe homosexuality is sin… they are entitled to their beliefs, and, theologically, their beliefs can seem reasonable. I couldn’t see why the LGBT community believed that the presentation of these views should be considered hateful. Hearing about this suicide from someone who knew the man has made me wonder if there is indeed a valid case for labelling such beliefs hateful…

What do you think?