April 25 was Anzac Day. The day we Aussies and Kiwis remember the courageous men and women who have served in our military. The day we remember the slaughter that took place on the beach at Gallipoli. We honour these men who fought for the freedom we still enjoy – and take for granted  – today. 

Anzac Day, 2005, was the day my father received his ultimate freedom – when he passed from this life into his eternal reward. I can proudly say that he was another one who fought a good fight, who kept the faith. Thanks, Dad.

Here in Canada it is too easy to forget about this most important day on Australia’s calendar. But I managed to be at home, listening to Christian radio, and was blessed by what I heard. Freedom really did seem to be the theme of the day.

First, I heard Focus on the Family. The speaker was Maria Anne (Hansi) Hirshmann who was a Nazi youth leader during World War II. She talked about immigrating to America, and not understanding how much freedom she really had. And how Americans couldn’t even explain their freedom to her. It was a beautiful picture of the freedom we have in Christ, and the moral responsiblity that goes along with having freedom.

It reminded me of the Mercy Me song, God With Us, that contains these lines:

we are free

in ways that we never should be

sweet release

from the grip of these chains

After Focus on the Family, James MacDonald’s program, Walk in the Word was next. MacDonald is a preacher I often tune out. He is just too authoritarian for me in his tone and his style. But yesterday I was blessed by him. He spoke on Acts 15, and on Peter’s affirmation of the Gentile believers. I couldn’t help but think that if we replaced the word Gentiles with the word “gay” we would have a better understanding of what is happening to LGBT believers in the church today.

We are in Christ, and we are indeed free.

Thanks, Anzacs, for our political freedom. Thanks, Dad, for the freedom to be who I am. Thanks, Jesus, for setting us free from the law of sin and death.