My “letter to a church” was published this month, somewhat to my surprise. It seems to me from the search data wordpress gives me that some people have been googling the letter and have located my blog. I have kind of tried to keep this blog anonymous, but I realize that I have included enough personal information that anyone who knows me can figure out that this is me!

So, for those of you who have read my article and figured out who wrote it, welcome! I would appreciate it if you would identify yourself in some way – send me an email at my hotmail address if you have it, or respond to a post including your email as an identifier (I am the only one who can access the email information). I don’t want to hide – I am waiting the appropriate time to be out to my children and in-laws… maybe having this letter published will spark a conversation that lets me come out to them. I really would like to start some more conversations with others who know me well.

By the way, sorry for the absence over the last couple of weeks… things are slowing down for the summer and I hope to blog more soon.